Reset Notification Timer


Once the notification is triggered, the only way that I have found to reset the timer is to opent the dialog and click the 'Save and Close' button. Otherwise the balloon just keeps reopening regardless of how many times I close it.
If I am still working on the same task it would be great if I could save on these clicks and simply close the balloon to reset the timer.


nootn wrote Aug 21, 2008 at 11:18 AM

We did take that feature out on purpose. The reason we wanted to encourage people to not just close it is because then it will not progressively save (incase you have a computer crash or something) and forcing you to show it up also encourages you to think about putting exceptions in which helps to get a more accurate time. If people can just close it they may get into the lazy habbit of just always closing it and lose all the benefits of the reminder.

It is a pretty big decision, maybe you are right, we should give people the option to "ignore" and it just sleeps again for the same interval as last time. Or maybe the close button could be a static ignore time of 5 minutes (or configurable?) so that you can get rid of it if you are doing something urgent but then 5 minutes later you have to think about it again. What do you think about those ideas?

samunro wrote Aug 22, 2008 at 12:09 PM

I find the reminder generally to be a good feature. If it pops up with a taks that I am no longer working on then it does result in me opening the dialog to change my task.

The way that the feature is implemented currently though, forces the user to open the dialog at the end of every time interval. The net effect would be the same (but save a few clicks) if the dialog were simply opened automatically. I consider this to be too intrusive. My reaction is to ignore the balloon or to turn it off altogether when it keeps reopening.

I don't consider progressive saving to be necessary. At least the start time for the task that I am working on is saved when I close the dialog after starting that task. The popup will remind me to swap the task if I start working on something else. Updating the end time within this period adds no benefit that I can see.

I am not sure that it is necessary to allow a second time interval to be configured. Reusing the existing time interval would keep me happy - and save me from having to set another configuration value.

nootn wrote Aug 25, 2008 at 1:25 PM

Alright fair enough. I have implement this for the next version (Release 0.005). When you hit the cross to get rid of the balloon it won't show again for the last sleep interval you used (defaulted to 1 minute on first opening).

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