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Setup Information

Note: For setup instructions, please refer to the release you downloaded

The configuration file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<add key="ProjectsFile" value="Projects.xml"/>
<add key="UserFile" value="User.xml"/>
<add key="UserTaskAccessFile" value="UserTaskAccess.xml"/>
<add key="TasksFile" value="Tasks.xml"/>
<add key="TimeEntryFile" value="TimeEntry.xml"/>
  • ProjectsFile = The list of all defined projects
  • UserFile = The list of all users
  • TasksFile = The list of all tasks
  • UserTaskAccessFile = The relationship between a project and a task, plus which users have access to that combination
  • TimeEntryFile = The file where time entries are stored containing a project, task, user and other details (e.g. exception minutes)

Example configuration for multiple users

In order to share Projects and Tasks between multiple users, you need to have all the XML files the same between users, except for "TimeEntryFile". It is recommended that you do not share the TimeEntryFile because it will be getting updated frequently. In the following example file, there is a shared drive "S:\TRec\" where all the XML files are placed, except for the particular users themselves, which are placed in a subdirectory with their UserId as the name:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<add key="ProjectsFile" value="S:\TRec\Projects.xml"/>
<add key="UserFile" value="S:\TRec\User.xml"/>
<add key="UserTaskAccessFile" value="S:\TRec\UserTaskAccess.xml"/>
<add key="TasksFile" value="S:\TRec\Tasks.xml"/>
<add key="TimeEntryFile" value="S:\TRec\UserId\TimeEntry.xml"/>

First time run

Run the program

  1. Double click on the exe file "TRec.Windows.UI.exe"
  2. An icon will appear in your task bar and a balloon will show up startreminder.jpg
  3. Either click anywhere in the balloon, or at any time, right click the icon and select "Open" to open the time entry form open.jpg
  4. Open the "Administration" menu and click "Administer User" adminuser1.jpg
  5. Change the "Display Name" to your full name (for reporting) and click "Save" adminuser2.jpg

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