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Do you or your team members dislike having to record every single bit of project-attributable time against project tasks?
Are you required to do this, or maybe you already do it and are reaping the benefits?
For those who don't, you know this is going to be a pain, right?

If so, read on...

We all know that it can definately be beneficial to record time against project work accurately, particularly to be able to track project costs and forcast cost projections. This is actually a requirement most Project Managers will insist. The fact is, it can be a real pain to accurately record all project-attributable time! When not done properly, the result is inaccurate customer and client charging and reporting irregularities. This project aims to simplify this task by making it easier for the project members in a way that we hope will encourage the entering of more accurate project time.

T-Rec is: A convenient and easy way to record times against projects and tasks by having a prompt to ask you which project & task you are working on periodically as you are working. Able to be extended and configured to read multiple sources of tasks, or used as a stand-alone system. Data can also be exported to CSV for easy import into other software/systems. Reporting will be built in if you decide to use this as a stand-alone system.


Read the following documentation in order to get an understanding why and how the system was built.
Technical Design

Usage & Help

User Guide


Date Title Details
2008-08-20 Reporting Available! There is now some built in reporting in release 0.004. Any feedback and feature requests will be seriously considered, just put them into the issue tracker.
2008-08-12 Alpha Release! You can finally use T-Rec! An Alpha release has been made available on the "Releases" tab which you can download and start using right now. If you already have .NET 3.5 installed its a simple editing of the configuration (if necessary) and run! Please use the "Issue Tracker" tab to leave any feedback, suggestions or bugs. Bugs and enhancements will continue to be worked up to a point when a real release will be made available, on so get them in ASAP!
2008-08-11 Initial Alpha Release! Apologies for the initial alpha release 0.001 - it was late and I was tired, I forgot to include a dll! For future releases It will be zipped it up so this should not happen again.
2008-04-12 Project Started! The Three DotNeteers (tm) have been told that as of the new financial year they will be required to record far more accurately all project-associated time. Following a brief discussion, the three all concurred that having to enter times like this is going to be a cumbersome task at best, a process that will likely lead to inaccuracies and more time wastage. "There must be a better way!", they all exclaimed in unison. So, after putting their heads together, they agreed to design and develop a new system to help them with this process, one they would be happy to use. Predictably however, a decision was made by The Company that this could not be done during work hours as it was not funded. Out of the goodness of their hearts, the Three DotNeteers decided they would make it an Open Source Project, so that if it really becomes useful like they believe it will, you nice folks might be able to benefit also. Wish them luck!!

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